The Benefits of Wittner Pegs

by Dylan Chan

September 17, 2019




The ratio of geared pegs allows the player to easily tune their strings. It’s almost like having finetuners built into the pegs themselves. In addition, the pegs turn smoothly and with little resistance. Finally, these pegs don’t slip, so you can be sure that your instrument will stay in tune.


Since regular, hardwood friction pegs physically rub against the peg holes, they can wear down the softer maple of the scroll. This can lead to problems when trying to keep pegs from slipping, or keeping the instrument in tune. Geared pegs do not move in the peg hole when tuning. As a result, they will extend the life of the instrument’s peg holes.



The purchase and installation of geared pegs can be expensive, costing upwards of $250 depending on the instrument. If there are other pressing issues to be fixed or improved on your instrument, think about those first.

However, if you are looking to treat your instrument and yourself, geared pegs are highly recommended and won’t fail to put a smile on your face.